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Alright, so only cause he asked me to give him a shout out, this next post goes out to Chris of Impress By Print, one of the best Las Vegas Printing companies.  To be completely fair, one of the reasons we decided on the Philippines, is all the stories he shared with us while he served his mission there….so Chris, this ones for you!!

We headed off and did something rather than soaking up the sun on the beach. We set off toward Tetebatu Village for a surprise change of scenery. Moreover, different it was as we walked around the local market checking out all the fresh fruits. We found it a great way to find out about the local culture, and after a while, we made our way toward the waterfall that was not too far away.

We trekked through quite a few glorious rice fields (paddy fields) and were close to some of the forests that stretched way off as far as we could see. The narrow path edged at the side of the forest,and the other side was all the rice fields that were full of workers wearing their large hats to keep the morning sun from their heads.

We finally reached the waterfall, and the entire area was cool with the water mist that kicked up from the cascading water. The sun shone through the trees and tried to warm the water in the pool.

As with any waterfall, there was only one thing to do, and that was a swim in the pool. The trek was a little hot and sweaty, and Nicole and I had to cool off a little. Walking under the water as it crashed into the pool was perfect to wash away all the sticky sweat we had accumulated on the trek to reach here.

We stepped from the water and sat by the bank for a while and looked at the lush greenery. I was sure some monkeys were watching usyet Nicole said I was imagining things.

The sun moved across the sky and stopped shining to where the waterfall was, and it got slightlycool, so we decided to head back to the market and stock up on fresh fruits before we made our way back to the hotel.

The guide told us there are other waterfalls on Lombok and bigger than Tetebatu Waterfall. I am not sure we will make an effort to go and see one on its own, but if we can slip it in as part of another trip, I would more than welcome another dip in some cool fresh water for a while.

I was right though, on the way back down the track we heard the chattering of monkeys in the forest and then a few ran across in front of us. A few locals were feeding them bits of fruit.

It was a good day and a tiring day. We both flaked out on the hotel bed once we had had a shower. However, we were glad we had seen a little part of Lombok rather than just the gorgeous beach and the ocean.


Until next time,

Johnny and Nicole


Hi Folks

Philippines... It's 7,107 Islands, its natural wonders, colorful history, and warm and engaging people!

The first stop on our island hopping expedition is Lombok which is close to Bali in Indonesia. With all the bad weather around Europe, we thought it was better to make sure wherever we went was warm, so the opposite side of the planet seemed a good choice.

Lombok might not be as well-known as Bali, yet I can vouch for it being just as beautiful and probably not as touristy although they get their fair share throughout the year we have been told.

You cannot go anywhere in Lombok without noticing GunungRinjani which is the second highest volcano which is up in the north of the island. This leads to many treks for all the nature lovers who visit this part of the world so get a good pair of hiking boots as the going could get pretty tough.

If you ache you can take advantage of one of the hot springs that are located around the volcano and have a soak for a while, that should rid the body of all those aches and pains. Where ever your trek you can see small villages such as Tetabatu where there is a host of tobacco plantations, rice fields, and orchards.

Surfing is also high on the list yet this is down the south of the island, and the waves look kinda legendary from where I sat on the beach. I can see why Indonesia is in the top 5 locations in the world for surfing, great waves and one hell of a gorgeous place to kick back on once you have done for the day.

Even though we have traveled out of season the weather is still great and it a little quieter than usual, yet we are not ones to complain.

We have only just arrived, and we can see it is going to be a great stay. We arrived in Jakarta a little bleary-eyed after quite a long flight and then we had a short 30-minute hop over to Lombok which after all those hours on the plane seemed like nothing at all.

For now, it is a couple of days to get our land legs back again and then we are going to check out what Lombok has to offer. It was fine Nicole reading up on it before we left yet that does not do it any justice from what I can see.

For now, this is Johnny and Nicole signing off from paradise,


Speak soon.











Philippines is such a beautiful country that prides itself of more than seven thousand tropical islands. Well, this might be a challenge to travelers to pick their spot. It’s only two thousand out of the seven thousand islands that have been inhabited each featuring world-class beaches, mountain ranges, coral reefs, mangroves, tropical rain forests and different types of flora and fauna. Here are some of the places you must explore and visit as you search for an exciting paradise.

El Nido, Palawan

Nestled between the Bay of Bacuit and limestone karst cliffs, El Nido is a northern Palawan Town that offers dozens of beaches to explore. The municipality has a stretch of over two hundred and sixty miles from the center of Philippines, and the whole expanse provides a world class experience. Some interesting places to travel include Cadlao Island, Dilumacad Island, Panasil Island, Vigan Island, Bacuit Bay, ille cave, bacay Tubay among others like Matinloc Island as well as Cudugnon point where the secret beach and beach of Kulasa are nestled.

Boracay, Aklan

Boracay is an island which offers one of the finest beaches in the Philippines, North of Panamay.  You’ve probably heard of the White Beach, a popular holiday destination in this beautiful country. Whether you’re a beach bum or an adventurer, you’ll find the perfect experience here. Borcay is often referred to as the ‘blessed island’ due to its caves, cliffs, and secluded strips of sand. If you love kiteboarding or windsurfing, plan your trip to this island and participate in the International Funboard cup. Travellers love this destination because of its strong winds and rough waves. You now know where to travel to next if you’re a water sports fanatic.


Bohol is another destination in Philippines that draws a great number of travelers from all around the world. The island features Spanish colonial architecture, beautiful chocolate hills, and white beaches. The climatic conditions of the place makes it the perfect home for one of the world’s little primate known as the Philippine Tarsier. Dolphins also swim adjacent to the island. Options for travelers coming here include whale spotting, dolphin watching, exploring beautiful coral formations, and diving with sea snakes and the jackfish.

Samal, Davao

Also known as the vanishing island, Samal features a one hundred and eighteen kilometer coastline with white sandy beaches. Travelers coming here have a wide range of things to do and attractions to explore. Whether you prefer luxurious resorts or you’re one of those who love backpacking options, Samal has got you covered. The highlights here include beautiful rock formations, coconut palms, lush greens, and pristine waters.

Intro – Johnny and Nicole


Welcome all, this is Johnny and Nicole,

After working and living in a city all our lives, well a major chunk of it anyway. We decided to jack it all in and get away from the rat race. A 9-5 job held no appeal anymore, and all we did was eat, sleep and work.

What could be more different than living and working in London? Travelling the world has been done by every man and his dog, so we wanted to do something slightly different. When we had holidays, we always tried to get to a beach somewhere, and it dawned on us, it wasn’t the beach that was enticing us it was the ocean.

We came up with a travel plan of visiting islands around the world, and not the more common ones although a few have been or will be slipped in at some point. We wanted to sample island life, the remote kind and see how it differs from each other and from inner city living.

We know all places have the same problems when someone lives there, yet there must be peace and tranquility on every island that is out there, and that is what we had hoped to find, or at least we would have an insight into how the locals coped with their lives with some sort of isolation.

Time wise we had set no limit as we now have no ties back home or anything we need to rush back to, yet there is no place like home. Alternatively, is there?

Working in the finance sector really does pay dividends when you have two workaholic adults with no chance of spending their money so finance wise we are pretty much set for a while. I (Johnny) still have some clients whom I do work for now and again, so there is always some money coming in which makes things that little bit easier.

Nicole scoured the net for possible islands to visit, and I was shocked to find there are so many, so we have more than enough to choose from. Clothes wise we had to cover the hottest to the colder places so traveling light was not really an option, and any scuba diving we do hopefully equipment can be hired.

When we post there’s a good chance, the writing will be split between Nicole and me so you can get a different perspective rather than only me babbling on about our escapades.

That’s it for now; we’ll keep you posted

Johnny and Nicole