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Alright, so only cause he asked me to give him a shout out, this next post goes out to Chris of Impress By Print, one of the best Las Vegas Printing companies.  To be completely fair, one of the reasons we decided on the Philippines, is all the stories he shared with us while he served his mission there….so Chris, this ones for you!!

We headed off and did something rather than soaking up the sun on the beach. We set off toward Tetebatu Village for a surprise change of scenery. Moreover, different it was as we walked around the local market checking out all the fresh fruits. We found it a great way to find out about the local culture, and after a while, we made our way toward the waterfall that was not too far away.

We trekked through quite a few glorious rice fields (paddy fields) and were close to some of the forests that stretched way off as far as we could see. The narrow path edged at the side of the forest,and the other side was all the rice fields that were full of workers wearing their large hats to keep the morning sun from their heads.

We finally reached the waterfall, and the entire area was cool with the water mist that kicked up from the cascading water. The sun shone through the trees and tried to warm the water in the pool.

As with any waterfall, there was only one thing to do, and that was a swim in the pool. The trek was a little hot and sweaty, and Nicole and I had to cool off a little. Walking under the water as it crashed into the pool was perfect to wash away all the sticky sweat we had accumulated on the trek to reach here.

We stepped from the water and sat by the bank for a while and looked at the lush greenery. I was sure some monkeys were watching usyet Nicole said I was imagining things.

The sun moved across the sky and stopped shining to where the waterfall was, and it got slightlycool, so we decided to head back to the market and stock up on fresh fruits before we made our way back to the hotel.

The guide told us there are other waterfalls on Lombok and bigger than Tetebatu Waterfall. I am not sure we will make an effort to go and see one on its own, but if we can slip it in as part of another trip, I would more than welcome another dip in some cool fresh water for a while.

I was right though, on the way back down the track we heard the chattering of monkeys in the forest and then a few ran across in front of us. A few locals were feeding them bits of fruit.

It was a good day and a tiring day. We both flaked out on the hotel bed once we had had a shower. However, we were glad we had seen a little part of Lombok rather than just the gorgeous beach and the ocean.


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