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Philippines... It's 7,107 Islands, its natural wonders, colorful history, and warm and engaging people!

The first stop on our island hopping expedition is Lombok which is close to Bali in Indonesia. With all the bad weather around Europe, we thought it was better to make sure wherever we went was warm, so the opposite side of the planet seemed a good choice.

Lombok might not be as well-known as Bali, yet I can vouch for it being just as beautiful and probably not as touristy although they get their fair share throughout the year we have been told.

You cannot go anywhere in Lombok without noticing GunungRinjani which is the second highest volcano which is up in the north of the island. This leads to many treks for all the nature lovers who visit this part of the world so get a good pair of hiking boots as the going could get pretty tough.

If you ache you can take advantage of one of the hot springs that are located around the volcano and have a soak for a while, that should rid the body of all those aches and pains. Where ever your trek you can see small villages such as Tetabatu where there is a host of tobacco plantations, rice fields, and orchards.

Surfing is also high on the list yet this is down the south of the island, and the waves look kinda legendary from where I sat on the beach. I can see why Indonesia is in the top 5 locations in the world for surfing, great waves and one hell of a gorgeous place to kick back on once you have done for the day.

Even though we have traveled out of season the weather is still great and it a little quieter than usual, yet we are not ones to complain.

We have only just arrived, and we can see it is going to be a great stay. We arrived in Jakarta a little bleary-eyed after quite a long flight and then we had a short 30-minute hop over to Lombok which after all those hours on the plane seemed like nothing at all.

For now, it is a couple of days to get our land legs back again and then we are going to check out what Lombok has to offer. It was fine Nicole reading up on it before we left yet that does not do it any justice from what I can see.

For now, this is Johnny and Nicole signing off from paradise,


Speak soon.


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