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Welcome all, this is Johnny and Nicole,

After working and living in a city all our lives, well a major chunk of it anyway. We decided to jack it all in and get away from the rat race. A 9-5 job held no appeal anymore, and all we did was eat, sleep and work.

What could be more different than living and working in London? Travelling the world has been done by every man and his dog, so we wanted to do something slightly different. When we had holidays, we always tried to get to a beach somewhere, and it dawned on us, it wasn’t the beach that was enticing us it was the ocean.

We came up with a travel plan of visiting islands around the world, and not the more common ones although a few have been or will be slipped in at some point. We wanted to sample island life, the remote kind and see how it differs from each other and from inner city living.

We know all places have the same problems when someone lives there, yet there must be peace and tranquility on every island that is out there, and that is what we had hoped to find, or at least we would have an insight into how the locals coped with their lives with some sort of isolation.

Time wise we had set no limit as we now have no ties back home or anything we need to rush back to, yet there is no place like home. Alternatively, is there?

Working in the finance sector really does pay dividends when you have two workaholic adults with no chance of spending their money so finance wise we are pretty much set for a while. I (Johnny) still have some clients whom I do work for now and again, so there is always some money coming in which makes things that little bit easier.

Nicole scoured the net for possible islands to visit, and I was shocked to find there are so many, so we have more than enough to choose from. Clothes wise we had to cover the hottest to the colder places so traveling light was not really an option, and any scuba diving we do hopefully equipment can be hired.

When we post there’s a good chance, the writing will be split between Nicole and me so you can get a different perspective rather than only me babbling on about our escapades.

That’s it for now; we’ll keep you posted

Johnny and Nicole



Johnny & Nichole

Johnny & Nichole

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