Philippines is such a beautiful country that prides itself of more than seven thousand tropical islands. Well, this might be a challenge to travelers to pick their spot. It’s only two thousand out of the seven thousand islands that have been inhabited each featuring world-class beaches, mountain ranges, coral reefs, mangroves, tropical rain forests and different types of flora and fauna. Here are some of the places you must explore and visit as you search for an exciting paradise.

El Nido, Palawan

Nestled between the Bay of Bacuit and limestone karst cliffs, El Nido is a northern Palawan Town that offers dozens of beaches to explore. The municipality has a stretch of over two hundred and sixty miles from the center of Philippines, and the whole expanse provides a world class experience. Some interesting places to travel include Cadlao Island, Dilumacad Island, Panasil Island, Vigan Island, Bacuit Bay, ille cave, bacay Tubay among others like Matinloc Island as well as Cudugnon point where the secret beach and beach of Kulasa are nestled.

Boracay, Aklan

Boracay is an island which offers one of the finest beaches in the Philippines, North of Panamay.  You’ve probably heard of the White Beach, a popular holiday destination in this beautiful country. Whether you’re a beach bum or an adventurer, you’ll find the perfect experience here. Borcay is often referred to as the ‘blessed island’ due to its caves, cliffs, and secluded strips of sand. If you love kiteboarding or windsurfing, plan your trip to this island and participate in the International Funboard cup. Travellers love this destination because of its strong winds and rough waves. You now know where to travel to next if you’re a water sports fanatic.


Bohol is another destination in Philippines that draws a great number of travelers from all around the world. The island features Spanish colonial architecture, beautiful chocolate hills, and white beaches. The climatic conditions of the place makes it the perfect home for one of the world’s little primate known as the Philippine Tarsier. Dolphins also swim adjacent to the island. Options for travelers coming here include whale spotting, dolphin watching, exploring beautiful coral formations, and diving with sea snakes and the jackfish.

Samal, Davao

Also known as the vanishing island, Samal features a one hundred and eighteen kilometer coastline with white sandy beaches. Travelers coming here have a wide range of things to do and attractions to explore. Whether you prefer luxurious resorts or you’re one of those who love backpacking options, Samal has got you covered. The highlights here include beautiful rock formations, coconut palms, lush greens, and pristine waters.